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Welcome to Tutor Network's Online Masterclass Service! Ready to deep-dive into subjects like never before? Our masterclasses, delivered online by Australia's top tutors, are designed to dissect subjects and build a rock-solid understanding. Ideal for children who wish to master their subjects from the comfort of their own home.


Each 90-minute session is led by a subject matter expert who delves deep into targeted topics.


Courses are systematically planned, focusing on specific areas such as “Basic Literacy” in English or “Basic Numeracy” in Maths.


Each class is competitively priced at $39.95 for English and $49.95 for Maths.


Choose to have your essays reviewed, or engage in a one-on-one debrief with a tutor, all for just $39.95.


Courses available for various levels—from Foundations to Senior courses in both English and Maths.

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Unlocking Exceptional Value: Discover Our Unique Proposition


Unpack complex subjects with the finesse of an expert. Our masterclasses offer more than just lessons; they offer a deep, analytical approach to learning. Children leave each class with a profound understanding of the subject matter, something traditional teaching often misses.

Going Beyond the Basics: Unlock Profound Learning with Tutor Network’s Masterclass Approach


The Problem: Often, traditional classrooms or even online lessons skim over topics. Children are left with surface-level understanding and unanswered questions.

The Solution: Tutor Network’s Online Masterclass Service doesn’t just skim; we dig deep. Whether it’s mastering sentence structure in English or tackling algebraic expressions in Maths, our courses are meticulously designed to provide unparalleled depth into each subject.

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Ready to deepen your understanding and ace your academics? Enrol in our Online Masterclass Service today.

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