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The skills taught in English class are essential for children to develop their communication skills. Unfortunately, according to the OECD, almost half of all Australian adults have literacy levels below the standard required to engage at work and in society at large. Make sure your child doesn’t get left behind by giving them the support they need.

Our tutors are here to help facilitate a love of reading and writing, using your child’s interests in alignment with their curriculum. We can also assist children who speak English as a second language and those with learning disabilities.



Many children struggle with maths. The good news is while some may show an aptitude for the subject, anyone can succeed with the right instruction and enough practice. And what better way to hone your skills than under the guidance of an experienced math tutor?

We can assist with all areas of maths: number and algebra, measurement and geometry, statistics and probability, calculus, and more. Whether your child needs help to establish strong foundations or better understand the more complicated concepts introduced down the line, we’ve got you covered.



Science is a subject with a wide scope and many complicated ideas. Not to mention that in the earlier years, science is taught as a catch-all of biology, physics, chemistry, and Earth and environmental science. With such varying concepts, it can be difficult for children to gradually build their knowledge. If they miss something, this can set them back for a long time.

Supporting your child with science tutoring ensures that they can gain a solid understanding of the basics and decide which branch of science, if any, they would like to pursue in the future.


Social Sciences

Studying social sciences is often overlooked, but it is a more important topic than many would assume. Social sciences give children a better understanding into the way the world and people around them function and work, and cover topics such as history, politics, economics, and geography – plus many more.

If you or your child are struggling with social sciences, a tutor is a wonderful idea to help you get back on track! Our tutors can develop an individual plan to address the areas where the children is lacking, to ensure they are focusing on the right things!


Core Languages

Learning languages can be incredibly difficult, but it doesn’t have to be. Our tutors are experts in designing learning programs that are tailored to the individual learning needs and goals of  the children. At Tutor Network we offer tutoring services for the following languages:

  • French
  • Mandarin / Cantonese
  • Italian

Learning a language can be a great gateway into learning about a new culture and opens communication opportunities with new people, not only this but it is also great for children wanting to travel!


Adult Education

Adult education can be daunting, and it is completely understandable that some people may be hesitant to seek help in their education journey! Our tutors are all sympathetic to the struggles many adults face when it comes to education, and can help equip you not with specific knowledge but also skills and strategies to help you succeed in all of your future education endeavours!

Adult education is a great way to build skills, open new employment pathways, connect with like-minded people, and pursue special interests – no matter the reason our tutors at tutor network can help you succeed!