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Tutor Christina


Tutor Christina

  • How would you describe your tutoring/teaching style?

    My tutoring style is focussed on trying to find the reason for challenges or mistakes and looking to find a continuous solution as well as correcting current errors. It is about explaining why mistakes are occurring so we can work towards preventing them as opposed to continuously correcting them. For example, if grammar is an area for improvement, I would aim to identify the specific recurring issue, eg; tenses, then work to develop tools to help self-correction in the future.

  • What do you love most about tutoring/teaching?

    What I love most about tutoring is seeing the child become more confident in their own ability as well as watching them produce work that they are proud of.

  • What is your best tutoring/teaching related achievement?

    Personally, I believe my best tutoring achievement was when I worked with a children who lacked motivation. At the beginning of the year, to ensure they stayed on task they required a tutor to sit with them and keep them focussed, by the end of the year they were aiming for As and were achieving high Bs. Their change in attitude is what I believe to be my best tutoring achievements.

  • What 3 words would the children use to describe you and your tutoring/teaching style?

    Thorough. Adaptable. Clear.

  • Why do you enjoy tutoring/teaching the age group that you do?

    I enjoy working with high school students as they are old enough to engage fully with tutoring. High school students can start working on identifying the source of mistakes and implementing self-corrections. I enjoy ensuring that basic skills are strengthened, so that as the work gets more difficult throughout high school the focus can be on learning new skills and understanding new concepts.

  • What are your go to props or resources when tutoring/teaching?

    I tend to use paper, pens, and highlighters, although ‘old school’, they help to display the information in a new way which is essential when organizing essays or assignments. I do also usually have access to technology so that I can help with research if needed.

  • How do you bring creativity into your tutoring/teaching? Please provide an example.

    I bring creativity into tutoring in one main way: adaptability. Each children is different, and how I approach tutoring evolves as I get to know the child, this means that I create new ways to engage and help the children.

  • What is a fun fact that the children might like to know about you!

    I lived in Yogyakarta, Indonesia for 6 months.