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Tutor Harleen


Tutor Harleen

  • How would you describe your tutoring/teaching style?

    As a tutor, my role is to encourage each child’s potential and to help them learn in the best way. In addition to making the content relevant to the children’s lives, I will present the curriculum that reflects all different learning styles. I will work with the child through hands-on learning, cooperative learning, projects and themes, and individual work that engages and activates their learning. For me I think ,we as teachers/tutors always need to ‘Adapt, Adjust and be flexible’ when it comes to delivery of the academic content or any other situation where we think our initial plan is not working.

  • What do you love most about tutoring/teaching?

    It is very rewarding and satisfying when you see the children learn and grow and become fond of what they are learning.

  • What is your best tutoring/teaching related achievement?

    I had SACs planned for my year 12 business management children and on doing various surveys with them about my teaching styles and the format of the SACs, I heard very positive reviews.

  • What 3 words would the children use to describe you and your tutoring/teaching style?

    Flexible- I try to be flexible to meet the needs of the children.
    Adjusting- Adjusting so that I know what the children’s learning style is and we can work around that.
    Adaptability- By getting comfortable and familiar in my teaching environment helps me to communicate better with the children.

  • Why do you enjoy tutoring/teaching the age group that you do?

    I have worked both with primary and secondary years. Working with both age groups is different and exciting at the same time. Primary students need a direction to be working in , it is the same with secondary students however, the secondary students are more responsible about their learning. I will be graduating as a secondary teacher soon, needless to say I love my job as it bring me joy and satisfaction.

  • What are your go-to props or resources when tutoring/teaching?

    I love incorporating ICT in my lessons, especially quizzes and other forms of online learning materials. I think it helps the children as well to evaluate for themselves how far they have come. Additionally, some informational Youtube videos which are precise about the teaching content, so even in my absence children can have access to it.

  • How do you bring creativity into your tutoring/teaching? Please provide an example.

    In my lessons, I have a set direction of a fun recap activity, followed by some activities that focuses on academic content and lastly, a quiz to check on learning. I change it as per the needs of the children. For instance, if one of the children prefers to learn through power point presentation, I am happy to do that. Some children find it better in terms of maintaining their study notes.

  • What is a fun fact the children might like to know about you!

    I am high school badminton champion both in Years 11 and 12. Also, I have won some dance competitions in high school as well.