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Tutor Michael


Tutor Michael

  • How would you describe your tutoring/teaching style?

    I have an engaging style of tutoring which is tailored to help the child get the most from the session by learning collaboratively.

  • What do you love most about tutoring/teaching?

    I love the lightbulb moments when children realise something new.

  • What is your best tutoring/teaching related achievement?

    Seeing previously disengaged children become excited about the curriculum and wanting to learn more.

  • What 3 words would the children use to describe you and your tutoring/teaching style?

    Knowledgeable, Empathetic, Collaborative

  • Why do you enjoy tutoring/teaching the age group that you do?

    I love seeing the children get excited about their achievements.

  • What are your go-to props or resources when tutoring/teaching?

    I like to make the curriculum relevant to the chils and show concepts visually where possible.

  • How do you bring creativity in you tutoring/teaching? Please provide an example.

    I help the children to open their minds to their own creativity in all subject areas including mathematics, the sciences, and English. I enjoy working together so the child can find new ways to see problems and solutions and different perspectives.

  • What is fun fact the children might like to know about you!

    I once rode a horse through Nevsy Prospect, the high street of St Petersburgh.