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Tutor Sky


Tutor Sky

  • How would you describe your tutoring/teaching style?

    I would describe my tutoring/ teaching style as flexible and result orientated. As a tutor I believe that to be successful, it’s important to learn about the children’s way of learning and adjust the way I teach so they can reach their set goals they want to achieve.

  • What do you love most about tutoring/teaching?

    What I love most about tutoring/ teaching is feeling that sense of accomplishment with the child which can encourage them to do better each time. As a tutor/ teacher I think it’s truly rewarding to see children understand a topic that they found difficult, complete the work they struggled on and finally achieve their academic goals after all their efforts.

  • What is your best tutoring/teaching related achievement?

    My best tutoring/ teaching related achievement would be when I helped a primary child with their English analysis essay by reading over their writing making suggestions on what should be improved on such as grammar and structure to ensure it was comprehensive and concise.

  • What 3 words would the children use to describe you and your tutoring/teaching style?

    3 words the children would use to describe me, and my tutoring/ teaching style would be highly organized, friendly and a role model.

  • Why do you enjoy tutoring/teaching the age group that you do?

    I enjoy tutoring/ teaching the age group that I do because its visible when the children appreciate the help, support, and assistance they receive when they understand concepts. I also enjoy teaching lessons that are engaging and fun for the children which can motivate not only them but also myself to bring more creativity to teaching.

  • What are your go to props or resources when tutoring/teaching?

    My go to props or resources when tutoring/ teaching would be the use of diagrams to explain concepts in a visual way, flashcards which engage children and utilizes active learning and a reward system such as stickers which acknowledges their achievements and therefore inspires them to challenge themselves even further.

  • How do you bring creativity into your tutoring/teaching? Please provide an example.

    I would bring creativity into my tutoring/ teaching by being present with children’s ideas to approach a concept into a way that would suit them. I would also use multiple strategies, models, and methods to approach a challenging concept so the child recognizes that they can try multiple strategies to understand. For example, when learning English there are different ways to structure an essay that suit different people such as T.E.E.L or S.E.A.L that can help an essay become clearer and more concise.

  • What is a fun fact the children might like to know about you!

    I have a small puppy named Buddy who always used to give me company by sitting right next to my chair when I was busy studying for my Year 12 exams